What is ISO 45001?

Like other member of ISO family, ISO 45001 also focuses on something beneficial for both individuals and organizations around the world. The emphasis of ISO45001 certificate in Dubai, however, remains on the health and safety management system of an organization. By getting this particular certification, a company aims to improve its occupational health and safety management, and prevents injuries within its premises. Regardless of size, nature, and type, any organization can get this certification to acquire a perfect framework that can ensure the best health and safety measures.

Why ISO 45001 is so important?

There is indeed a great importance of this particular standard all over the world. Organizations tend to get this certification to show their customers that they follow the best health and safety practices. Some of the key benefits of 45001 are:

  • It helps a company develop health and safety policies and objectives.
  • It helps companies develop systematic processes to take into account their risks and opportunities perfectly.
  • ISO 45001 also helps companies determine the risks related to their activities.
  • It also minimizes and controls the potential effects of the risks.
  • It spread awareness of health and safety risks.
  • ISO 45001 evaluates a company’s health and safety performance and also builds a framework to bring effective improvements.
  • Other than its strong influence on health and safety measures, the standard also helps workers to take an active role in safety matters.
  • By getting this certification, an organization can effectively improve its ability to take care of its regulatory compliance issues.
  • Since risks are minimized because of the framework of ISO 45001, the cost of incidents, disruption to operations, and cost of insurance premiums.

The Journey of ISO 45001 Certification

Step 1:

An initial assessment to make sure that all the mandatory requirements have been met.

Step 2:

Assessment to ensure the effectiveness of the system and to confirm if the management system is fully operational.

Step 3:

At this stage, certification is recommended on the basis of the findings raised at the step 1 and 2.

Step 4:

An independent and impartial panel reviews all the files of your organization and make the final decision of the certification.

Step 5:

This is the final stage in which you are officially issued the certification of ISO 45001.

The Relation of ISO 45001 with Other ISO Standards

ISO 45001 itself follows a high-level structure of health and safety measures. The approach followed by this standard can also be applied to other famous ISO standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Moreover, the content of other international standards like OHSAS 18001 can also be considered while developing the standard of ISO 45001.

Consequently, like all other members of the ISO family, ISO 45001 can also benefit your organization in many ways, providing you an opportunity to come up with a healthy and safe organizational environment for both your employees and customers!